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Join the 6 month vegan programme:


  • Learn what to eat to avoid deficiencies

  • Understand your nutritional needs for your age group/gender

  • Learn how to eat without relying on processed vegan 'junk food'

  • Learn how to get involved

  • Get excited about your plate again

What is the Vegan Programme?

This is for people who want more long-term support for transitioning to becoming a vegan or improving their vegan diet.  The advice on the internet can be confusing and contradictory.  This is a more personal way to improve your health through a plant based diet.  The key is to take it slowly, do it right, try new things and keep learning. You will have access to me for one hour each month by zoom.


How does it work?

Once a month for 6 months we will meet on zoom.  We will discuss your progress, answer any questions you have and talk about one of the below topics.  The topics are only suggestions and the programme is client led.  At the end of the conversation, we will set new goals for the month.  Seeing me once a month will encourage accountability.  Once a week, I will send you information relating to the topic of the week.

How much does it cost?

One hour zoom call per month for 6 months, plus email access to me during the month, costs £360.00 (works out to £60 per month).  You can choose to see me in the clinic, face to face but there will be a surcharge for the clinic.

Terms and conditions


Month 1, 1 hour appointment

This appointment is all about you

We will start by working out your needs, a plan on how to start and how I can best help you achieve this.

Weekly information by email:

Week 1 Goals

Week 2 Changing habits

Week 3 What is a vegan diet?

Week 4 Progress 

Couple Cooking

Month 2, 1 hour appointment

How do I become a Vegan safely?

Do you want to go vegan gradually or overnight?  How do you become vegan when you hate vegies?  Is it possible to be healthy? Will it consume my life? How do I become a vegan when my partner is a meat eater?

Weekly information by email:

Week 1 Risks & now to avoid them

Week 2 Meal planning

Week 3 Eating out/ordering in

Week 4 Progress

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Month 3, 1 hour appointment

What are my individual nutritional needs

Do vegans get enough protein, do they get enough calcium and how do they get Vitamin B12 when it is only in animal products?  We will discuss how to get enough nutrients to avoid deficiencies.

Weekly information by email:

Week 1 What do I need?

Week 2 Supplements

Week 3 Dietary analysis

Week 4 Progress

Farm 1

Month 4, 1 hour appointment


There are so many different vegan foods on the market but some are junk food in disguise.  What is the safest oils to use.  How can I get enough protein?

Weekly information by email:

Week 1 Meat & dairy alternatives

Week 2 Vegan protein

Week 3 Vegan 'junk' food

Week 4 Progress

Cooking Together

Month 5, 1 hour appointment

What type of vegan do you want to be?

There are many reasons why someone would turn to a vegan lifestyle.  Environmental, health or concerns for animal welfare.

Weekly information by email:  

Week 1 Save the planet

Week 2 Feel amazing

Week 3 Resources/organisations

Week 4 Progress

Happy Family with Pets

Month 6, 1 hour appointment

The way forward


We can talk about the changes you have a made and what has worked or hasn't worked.  At this stage, we can work out together a plan that you know can  be achievable and realistic moving forward.

Weekly information by email:

Week 1 Ask for help

Week 2 Remember why you are vegan

Week 3 Don't give up

Week 4 Progress

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