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The majority of people spend 46% of their waking day in the workplace. Getting nutrition right in the workplace is vital as healthy employees are more productive, produce better outcomes, have better concentration and reduced absenteeism. Consequently, workplace wellbeing is increasingly becoming a priority for businesses.

Research shows that a western diet and lifestyle has an impact on our health leading to chronic illnesses.  People in sedentary jobs are more at risk of this.  Symptoms of stress and chronic illness are often suppressed with medication, but the cause of the problem is not addressed.  Companies are now addressing this by running 'Corporate Health and Wellbeing days'.  

Melanie has worked with Corporations such as Way Fund Managers and BNY Mellon as well as organisations such as Reboot Dorset and Jurassic Climbing Academy.

Corporate wellness days
BNY Fund Managers
BNY mellon

Day packages


Melanie is happy to deliver day packages to suit your organisation.  This could include group seminars in the morning and one-to-one consultations in the afternoon.  

Group seminars in the past have included:

  • How to eat a healthy diet to energise your day

  • Do fad diets work, what is the best diet for you?

  • How to lose weight properly and safely

  • Is your gut flora making you fat?

Day rates are £230.00

Call Melanie on 07896 806 928 or fill out the below form.

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