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Join the 6 month vegan weight loss programme


  • 1 hour per month personal zoom call with me. Feeling safe and heard is essential. 

  • Weekly email access to ask any questions that arise

  • 12 x meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to mix up and use as you please

This programme will help you lose weight the way that is right for you. Come as you are, you will not be made to feel any guilt or shame.    The programme will also be completely plant based.

How much does it cost?

6 month package £360 

You can choose to see me in the clinic, face to face but there will be a surcharge for the clinic.

When can you start?

It is a personal programme so you can start now!

Family in the kitchen

Who is it for?

  • You live in the UK (I am a registered Nutritionist in the UK and my insurance covers the UK only)

  • Brand new vegans wanting to diversify their diet

  • People who want to lose some weight

  • People with no underlying health conditions

  • Your schedule allows for 1 hour a week meal planning and food shopping

  • Your schedule allows for 1 hour a day food preparation

  • People wanting to learn about nutrition and the science behind it

How does it work?

I will get you to fill out some paperwork first and get you to fill out a 3 day food diary.  We will meet once a month on zoom for 1 hour where we will discuss what works and what doesn't work, and work out a way forward. I will also check in on you once a week by email to see how you are going and answer any questions.

What we will work out together:

  •  What is your healthy weight?

  • How much weight you would want to lose to get to the weight that makes you feel good?

  • How much weight is safe to lose in the timeframe?

  • What kind of eating habits may help achieve your goal

  • How much physical activity you need?

  • How can you exercise safely?

  • How to transition to a vegan diet

What will you learn?

Each month on zoom, we will concentrate on your weight loss and talk about the topic of the month.  You will also be able to ask me any questions that you might have.

Month 1 - Plant based proteins/carbs/fats

Month 2 - What vitamins and minerals do you need (personalised to you and your age/gender)

Month 3 - Fibre & plant wholegrains (30-40 a week challenge)

Month 4 - Plant based meat substitutes, vegan pre-packaged food, vegan junk food

Month 5 - Gut health (probiotics/prebiotics)

Month 6 - Exercise/stress/sleep/hydration

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