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3 effective methods to get your kids to eat vegies

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Don't give up trying to get your kids to eat vegies. Here are 3 top methods that came out of a study by the University of Loughborough:

  1. Make vegies a daily part of life. Don't give up! Tastes continue to change. The study concluded that if children are offered vegies continually over weeks (or months depending on the child's resistance) this was the most effective way of encouraging vegetable consumption. Start with carrots, peas and red pepper (capsicum) with every meal. Offer them each day, even if they are continually rejected, and never give up. Once they are eating their vegies, introduce another vegie and so on.

  2. Reward for eating their vegies with non-food items such as stickers. Gentle encouragement is important. Don't make them eat their vegies.

  3. Eat the same meal as your children. Don't have separate 'kids' and 'grown-ups' meals. Eat with your children and show them that you enjoy eating the food you serve them too. Most importantly, make sure you eat all your vegies.


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