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I am a Nutritionist who does not do massive internet packages.  I want to work with clients on a one-to-one basis.  I want to know my clients and personalise their consultations so they can achieve their goals.  


Do you want to lose weight?

I am the 'anti' quick-fix.  Changing your eating habits for the better cannot be for a limited period.  My ethos is to never go on a diet, just make healthy habits that last for a lifetime and your weight will adjust to your new lifestyle.  I will help you lose weight by teaching you how to swap or choose better food.  This will not be a four-week plan, I will teach you a whole lifestyle change.  This will not involve the latest trends, counting points or anything that is not science and evidence based.  I will guide you through the 'fake news' and show you how you can reduce your risks of chronic diseases, so you can live an active and fulfilling life.

Do you have a IBS, Diverticulitis, PCOS or pre-Diabetes that can be improved through diet?

I will guide you through the diet recommended for your condition and explain why it is the best option for you.  We can talk about what you are to eat, when and how to cook the foods.

Do you want your family to eat better and be a good example to your kids?

There is so much 'white noise' with regards to healthy eating. The easiest way to make an educated decision when it comes to nutrition is to rely on science and evidence-based methods.  Our children are always watching us and learn about food from our own relationship with food.  It is important to set them an example that defies the traditional 'western' diet, which I believe is the worst diet in the world.


Your first consultation will last for 60 minutes.  We will discuss your health concerns and your health goals.  We can then work out together how to realistically achieve these goals.  You will be given a clear and concise plan to move forward.  Every consultation is different because I tailor every consultation to the individual and their needs and expectations.

Price: £60.00


I would recommend you coming back to see me 1 month later to review results and to discuss further actions to achieve your goals.  This will also be for 60 minutes.

Price £60.00


Melanie is also available for telephone consultations, email support, dietary analysis, weekly food plans and home visits after the initial consultation. Packages can be discussed at the first consultation.

Corporate Nutritionist

Melanie is available for Corporate Wellness days' delivering seminars and consultations.


Community Nutritionst

Melanie is available for presentations and seminars.


Ph: 07896 806 928