I had been suffering with digestive issues for years without a proper diagnosis.  My first endoscopy was in 2014 and Helicobacter pylori was discovered along with a hiatus hernia.  After 2 rounds of heavy duty anti-biotics, I felt a bit better but not completely.

In 2015 I was really suffering.  I couldn't eat or drink, I felt that there was gas stuck in my chest, I was in constant pain and I also realised that I hadn't passed gas in a while (these are classic symptoms of a bowel blockage).  I had lost a huge amount of weight and I just couldn't cope so one night I told my husband to drive me to A&E.  They gave me morphine and admitted me in hospital.  I had another endoscopy which showed some inflammation but said that nothing was wrong with me and discharged me making me feel that they thought it was in my head.

The next couple of years I just soldiered on, using my own knowledge of nutrition to make changes to my diet and lifestyle and monitoring my vitamin and mineral intake.

In 2019, I went through early menopause and told my GP all my digestive issues.  Lucky for me she felt it needed more investigation.  She booked me in for a colonoscopy which came back that I had some inflammation, 2 polyps and chronic non-specific inflammation which could represent Crohn's disease.  My next visit was with a Consultant Gastroenterologist who looked at my colonoscopy and said that she thought it was IBS and not Crohn's.  As this was a private appointment, she offered me an MRI scan to see what my small bowel looked like to completely rule out Crohn's.

I had an MRI privately and the scan confirmed terminal ileal Crohn's disease (the most common form).  I was then put forward to the IBD clinic for a review on how to treat my Crohn's.  It was decided  that the best way forward was surgery to removed the damaged section of my small colon to prevent another blockage and further damage.  I am currently waiting on this operation.  I am not on any medication as my Crohn's is thought to be non-active.  I am now following a plant based diet.

Are you newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease

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