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We have all learnt to adapt to doing business remotely during COVID-19, so one to one consultations are also available on Zoom.

What is a Health MOT?

This is for people who want more long-term support for a specific nutritional problem.  I have seen clients who have pre-diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, malnutrition, high cholesterol, wanting to lose weight, wanting to improve their health, to name a few.


How does it work?

Once a month for 6 months  we will either meet at the Broadstone Clinic or on zoom.  We will discuss your progress, answer any questions you have and talk about one of the below topics.  The topics are only suggestions and the programme is client led.  At the end of the conversation, we will set new goals for the month.  Seeing me once a month will encourage accountability.

How much does it cost?

One hour face to face or zoom call per month for 6 months, plus email access to me during the month, costs £360.00 (works out to £60 per month).

Terms and conditions

Topics to discuss

  1. Setting yourself up to succeed in dietary/lifestyle changes

  2. Your specific nutritional need/condition explained

  3. How to eat for your nutritional need/condition

  4. 3 day dietary analysis of your diet vrs recommended guidelines and how to tweak your diet

  5. How to improve your gut health to help your nutritional need/condition

  6. How to cook for you and your family if you are eating differently from them

  7. Exploring changing your diet to a more plant based diet

  8. How to recover from lapses when changing your diet/lifestyle

  9. Exercise

  10. How to de-stress

  11. Intuitive eating - give up dieting forever

  12. How to give up smoking