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Join the 6 month Anti-diet programme:

  • Create personalised goals to improve your health

  • Work out your unhealthy habits and how to change them

  • Learn about your eating behaviour and how to work with it

  • Learn about your hunger signals and how to improve them

  • Learn about your control of time and how to take back control

  • Learn about your stress and how to recover

What is the Anti-diet programme?

Diets do not work.  They may help you lose weight for the short-term but are not sustainable - who wants to count calories or points for the rest of their life?  Also, with fad diets, as soon as you start eating normally, the weight piles back on and even more.  It is much safer losing weight slowly.  Why don't you just change the way you normally eat?  Makes sense, right?

Everyone is different so it makes sense that a programme should be tailored to an individual rather than a 'one size fits all'.  If I just fed you information, you may or may not read it, and you possibly won't relate to it.  If you do the work, if you work out why you do what you do and why you can't do what you want to do, then you can work out a way forward.  This would work better, right?  This programme will only work if you do the work each week and dig deep into your own personality/life.


How does it work?

Once a month for 6 months we will talk on zoom.  We will discuss your progress, answer any questions you have and talk about one of the below topics (the below is just a programme example as everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another).  The topics are only suggestions and the programme is client led.  Each week we will correspond through email (I will send you a worksheet and you send it back) to measure your progress, behaviour and results.  This will help with accountability.

How much does it cost?

One hour zoom call per month for 6 months, plus email access each week to me during the month, costs £300.00 (works out to £50 per month).

Terms and conditions

Month 1, 1 hour appointment

This appointment is all about you

You will be sent a questionnaire before the call so we can work our way through the form to start forming a personalized plan and creating personalized goals.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 Email- what to eat

WK2 Email - my nutritional needs

WK3 Email - why fad diets are bad

WK4 Email - your progress

Month 2, 1 hour appointment

Changing your habits

You know what your habits are that you want to change.  You know what your habits are that you are proud of.  We will explore your habits and create goals and steps to change the ones that are not so great.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 Email- Time to cook

WK2 Email -Junk food

WK3 Email - Exercise

WK4 Email - your progress

Month 3, 1 hour appointment

Your eating behaviour

We will explore your eating behaviour and make goals to improve this behaviour.  Whether you are an emotional eater, skips meals, restrictive eater or fussy eater to name a few.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 Email - Emotional eating

WK2 Email - food/meal planning

WK3 Email - smoking/drinking

WK4 Email - your progress

Month 4, 1 hour appointment

The hunger games

Hunger is the major cause of overeating and each individual has different levels of hunger and how they react to hunger.  We will explore your hunger signals (or lack of them) and create goals to work with them.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 - carbs/protein/fats ratio

WK2 - gut health

WK3 - fibre

WK4 - your progress

Month 5, 1 hour appointment

Controlling your time

The biggest reason for not eating how you would like to eat, is time.  You don't have time to cook, you don't have time to shop, you don't have time to plan.  We will explore your schedule and you can make goals to change/work with this.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 - Household support

WK2- Work environment

WK3 - Time for yourself

WK4 - your progress 

Month 6, 1 hour appointment

Stress and recovery


Stress is not great for your health.  Stress is a part of life and we can't avoid it.  The best we can do is work out ways to deal with it and recover.  We will talk about your way with dealing with stress and work out goals to reduce and cope with it.


Weekly information by email:

WK1 - stress and health

WK2 - Coping

WK3 - reducing

WK4 - your progress

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