In March 2021, Boris Johnson said 'Being overweight increases the risk of becoming ill with COVID. If we all do our bit, we can reduce our own health risks – but also help take pressure off the NHS'  This programme is my solution to help your health goals.

Who is this for?

This is for people who want to lose weight, but want accountability and a real live Registered Nutritionist to talk to.  You have to have no underlining health conditions or have approval from your GP beforehand.

What is it?

it is a programme to help you change your eating and exercise habits to develop a lifestyle that will work for you.  It is designed to lose weight slowly and learn how to make your changes sustainable.  This includes:

  • Food plan (either vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater)

  • Exercise plan 

  • Motivational reading

  • Educational reading

  • Weekly 30 min phone call


This is not a fad diet or a get skinny quick diet.  I will:

  • make you think about your eating habits

  • promote daily exercise

  • encourage you to include your partner and/or family

  • encourage you to look at your drinking habits

  • encourage you to stop smoking

How does it work?

I will get you to fill out some paperwork first.  We will have a 60 minute zoom call for the first month to discuss the way forward. 

What we will work out together:

  •  What is your healthy weight?

  • How much weight you would want to lose to get to the weight that makes you feel good?

  • How much weight is safe to lose in 8 weeks?

  • What kind of eating habits may help you control your weight?

  • How much physical activity you need?

  • How can you exercise safely?

How much does it cost?

£400 for the 8 weeks which works out to be £50 per week,

When can you start?

You can book a free 15 min discovery call with me here or sign up now here.